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Easts Basketball League competitions follow all FIBA approved rules with a few exceptions noted in appropriate rules below.

EBL's ethos is fair play and good sportsmanship. All players must adhere to our Rules and Code of Conduct and failure to do so may result in sanctions or termination from the competition. 



EBL has ZERO TOLERANCE for any verbal or physical abuse at any of our venues and such actions will be investigated and can face Player or Team bans from all EBL Competitions.

We ask players, parents and spectators to adhere to our code of conduct for maximum enjoyment of EBL’s competitions and activities

Player’s Code of Conduct
  • Understand and abide by the rules of basketball at all times when playing

  • Do not argue or excessively question a referee’s call

  • Verbal abuse, including obscene language or derogatory gestures towards any official, will not be tolerated or permitted before, during, or after the game 

  • Physical or verbal abuse towards any other player will not be tolerated before, during, or after the game 

  • Cooperate with your team mates, opponents, referees and coaches to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of the game

  • Be humble in victory and humble in defeat

  • Remember the reason for playing basketball is for enjoyment of the game, not only to win 

  • Always use the facilities and equipment provided with care

Spectator’s Code of Conduct
  • Respect the efforts of everyone involved with the game 

  • Be positive towards and encourage players who make a mistake to keep playing 

  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using obscene language, harassing players, referees, coaches, supervisors or any managers involved with the game

  • Condemn the use of violence in any form

  • Keep children in your care under control

Parent’s Code of Conduct
  • Encourage children to always play by the rules

  • Encourage your children to participate for their interests, not your own interests

  • Reduce your child’s emphasis on winning. Instead, emphasise the enjoyment of playing basketball

  • Always treat the other players, coaches, and referees with respect – everyone at EBL is here to have fun, learn, and enjoy the game of basketball

  • Do not undermine the efforts of other players. Instead, show support for all efforts made by all the players, and help create a positive atmosphere

  • Cooperate with and show respect for the supervisors at the arena at all times

  • We incorporate a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding abuse, rage or inappropriate behaviour towards players, coaches, referees, spectators, supervisors or any staff at the arena

  • Always use the facilities and equipment provided with care

Referee’s Code of Conduct
  • Officiate the game to the best of your ability

  • Officiate the game with the players, coaches and other referee/s in mind at all times

  • Officiate the game fairly, taking into consideration the skill level of the players, coaches, other referees involved in the game

  • Answer politely asked questions regarding your particular calls at appropriate times from players, coaches, and bench people only

  • Use common sense in children’s games by not “over calling” violations such as travels and double dribbles if the game is not affected by the action of the player

  • Help educate children’s understanding of the rules of the game when appropriate & encourage fair play at all times

  • Deal with difficult situations with a calm attitude, and do not become defensive when appropriately questioned

  • Enjoy refereeing, it will make a huge difference to your enjoyment of basketball

  • Keep up to date with any rule changes that are issued by FIBA & implement FIBA rules at all times during the game


  • All games will commence at the scheduled time.

  • A forfeit will be declared if 10 minutes of play has passed.

  • 4 players are needed to start the game.

  • Until 4 players are on court, 2 points per minute will be awarded to the opposing team as penalty.

  • This is an amateur league and the aim of the competition is to give teams a fun chance to play competitive 5on5 basketball.

  • We understand players are away or injured from time to time so in that event, unregistered players are permitted to fill in to make up a 4th or 5th spot on the team (not to help out as a sub) during rounds 1-8 of the competition. The office has to be notified first.

  • Fill ins will not be covered by our insurance so playing is at their own risk and the office needs to be notified prior to the game.

  • For any games after round 8 and including finals. If you are down to less then 5, you must notify EBL who can assess the situation and get prior approval from the other team where necessary.

  • EBL does not provide refunds due to forfeits.

Unregistered Players
  • If your team plays an unregistered player without prior approval from EBL, your team may be deducted 3 competition points.

  • While EBL endeavours todo their best to stop unregistered players from taking the court, in the instance they do take the court, they will not be covered by our insurance and play at their own risk. 

  • Team managers are responsible for providing up to date registered players lists to EBL. 

  • If teams fees are paid as single players then only those who EBL have received full registration and payment can play for that team.

Adult forfeit penalties

We highly discourage forfeits but understand sometimes they can happen. Everyone wants to get a game in that they have paid for so please do your best to avoid:

  • If a team forfeits for any Adult EBL competition with less then 48 hours notice, the team will lose 3 competition points

  • If a team forfeits without notifying EBL, they will lose 3 competition points and a $100 fine may apply.

  • If a team forfeits multiple times in a single season they may be subject to being removed from the competition.


Junior forfeit penalties
  • Forfeits will be treated by a case by case basis but the maximum penalty is the forfeiting team may lose 3 competition points.
    Please notify us asap so we can notify the opposing teams.

Adult registered players
  • When paying team fees as a whole, captains can register up to 10 players.

  • These are the only permitted players that may play for the team all season.

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