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At Easts Basketball League & City Hoops with your registration we provide you with a certain level of insurance.
It is advised that all participating members have personal health insurance also.


1. Upon registering as a player or a team you would have been sent a registration form or signed up online. Please read our full terms and conditions so you fully understand them. For full terms of registering with EBL click here
2. The injured player must report the injury to game officials immediately
3. If the injured player cannot, a representative from the team must do so.
4. If you do not report your injury you will not be covered
5. The Court supervisor will submit injury report form to be actioned by EBL's head office

If you satisfy all of the above criteria and want to make a claim.

6. Download the claim form here
7. Fill in all parts except Section 06. This will be filled in by us AFTER you send it back to us.
8. Email form to with subject line INJURY CLAIM and attach all necessary documentation. 
9. EBL will fill in Section 06. Then we will send the form to the insurer. 


Coverage   /  Sum Insured

Scope of Cover: The coverage afforded by this Policy provides cover whilst an Insured Person is engaged in activities authorized by and under the control of the Insured including direct uninterrupted travel to and from such activities.

Insured Persons:

All registered members, coaches, referees and officials

Capital Benefits: Under age 19: Maximum payable $10,000 (as per percentage scale of Events)

Age 19 and over: Maximum payable $50,000 (as per percentage scale of Events)

Weekly Accidental Benefit: 80% of Income to a maximum of $250.00

Excess Period: 7 days

Benefit Period: 52 weeks

Broken Bone Benefit: Maximum payable $5,000

Age Limits: Up to 80 years

Aggregate Limit of Liability: $2,000,000 any one event/period of insurance

$1,000,000 for charter/non-scheduled flight

Bed Care Benefit: $1,750.00 / $25 per day for a maximum of 70 days

Domestic Help Benefit: $250.00 per week for a maximum of 52 weeks / Expense Limitation 80%

Family Accommodation and Transport Expenses Benefit: $3,000.00

Daily Benefit: $100.00

Funeral Expenses Benefit: $5,000

Home and Vehicle Modification Benefit: $10,000

Non-Medicare Medical Expenses: 85% of expenses up to a max of $1,500 / $50 excess

Out of pocket expenses: $500

Retraining and Rehabilitation Expenses Benefit:  $5,000

Student Tutorial Benefit: $250.00 per week for a maximum of 52 weeks / Expense Limitation 80%

Unexpired Membership Benefit: $500

Insurer: Point Insurance on behalf of Lloyds of London

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