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  • What is the process around allocating children into groups?
    Each child will be put into a group with other children of same/similar age, or if you requested within the registration process we will do our best to allocate friends together, provided they are of the same age.
  • What if my child is sick/injured?
    If a child is ill and cannot make a camp, you need to email us before the day to notify us. We can organise a credit for you.
  • Does weather affect if the program will run or not?
    All our facilities are indoor. In the event a venue becomes unusable, you will be notified by SMS or Email. (Only if you have allowed communication from us in iclass)
  • What do I need to bring?
    1. Remember to pack lunch, a snack and plenty of water. 2. Wear comfortable athletic clothing and shoes. 3. Bring your own ball you - please write your name on it. (If you don't have the coach should have a few spares) 4. Any prescribed medication and a with medical form filled out 5. Hat & Sunscreen - While the majority of our camps are indoors, we do go outside into the venue grounds.
  • Charges
    Parents are charged two weeks prior to the start of the season for the full season fees. There are four seasons in the calendar year that run in parallel with the school terms. Each season has between 8 and 10 weeks and the cost per week will vary depending on the type of enrolment your child has:
  • No need to sign up each season
    Our sessions run all year round in 8 to 10 week commitments (school terms). You will be automatically enrolled into the next term to ensure you don't lose your spot. You will be sent a reminder when a new term is rolling over. It will give you the option to opt out (drop enrolment) at the end of the season. You cannot opt out mid-season, as that space is reserved for your child. Term dates can be found on our website and in your welcome email.
  • Do I get charged during school and public holidays?
    Black out periods - no charge We break for public and school holidays. We do not charge parents for these block out periods.
  • How do I stop the payment / Not returning?
    1. Once registered for our training, competitions or sessions we do not offer a refund mid-season. 2. If you are new to EBL and the new season hasn't started yet and you give us 7 days notice. We offer a refund for your classes you have paid for less $25 admin fee. 3. We do not offer refunds on any starter packs sent out via mail. That includes uniforms, balls, pumps and equipment. 4. You will be notified of a new season roll over. If you don't want to be charged the next session, you will need to drop the enrolment three weeks prior to the start of the next season. This allows us a chance to fill your space if you aren't returning. 5. You need to manage all your account requests via the iClassPro login page
  • Who is your payment provider?
    We use Payrix for our monthly payment services and Braintree for our competitions through Sports TG.
  • How do I manage my account?
    To manage your billing, check your child's enrolment or update contact information you can head to our iClassPro portal link below
  • How do I update my payment / credit card information?
    1. Login via the iclass pro portal 2. Payments tab > Enter payment information
  • Do we get charged if my team has a BYE?
    EBL competitions may have an uneven amount of teams resulting in a BYE. Our pricing has factored in the BYE already, therefore we are unable to give credits or refunds for BYE's. If your team gets two byes, however, we are happy to accommodate you.
  • How do Active Kids vouchers work?
    Please email your Active Kids Voucher to Once your Active Kids Voucher has been redeemed by EBL, your account will be credited with $50. The credit will go towards future season payments. It will not take the $50 off your first payment.
  • We are going on holidays, can I get a refund for the sessions that my child won't attend?
    Since we still have ongoing costs associated with keeping your child enrolled in training or comps, we cannot offer refunds for missing sessions due to holidays or planned absences.
  • My kid is injured and won't be playing for the rest of the season, what do I do?"
    If your child is unable to play due to medical reasons, you will need to provide a medical certificate. We can offer a credit equal to the missed portion of the program for the following season. Refunds will not be offered mid season. NEW members - prior to the season commencing If you are new to EBL and the new season hasn't started yet and you give us 7 days notice. We offer a refund for your classes you have paid for less $25 admin fee. We do not offer refunds on any starter packs sent out via mail. That includes uniforms, balls, pumps and equipment.
  • My child says he/she doesn't want to play anymore, can I get my money back?
    Please call the office and we can discuss the reasons your child is not enjoying the experience and we can see what other options there are that he/she may enjoy. Cases will be considered on a case-by-case basis. NEW members - prior to the season commencing If you are new to EBL, the new season hasn't started yet and you give us more than 7 days notice. We offer a refund for your classes/competition games you have paid for less $25 admin fee. We do not offer refunds on any starter packs sent out via mail. That includes uniforms, balls, pumps and equipment.
  • Can I use multiple Active Kids Vouchers for a Season?
    Parents/carers can only claim one Active Kids Voucher per eligible activity. The second voucher has to be redeemed for another season
  • Can I use Active Kids Vouchers for Holiday Camps?
    Unfortunately not. Active Kids Vouchers can only be claimed for activities that are 8 weeks or longer.
  • Can I claim an Active Kids Voucher from last year?
    Active Kids Vouchers are only valid for one calendar year. You cannot claim an unused Active Kids Voucher from a previous year on the current year.
  • How can I use an Active Kids Voucher with EBL?
    We ask parents of new single players and players in our clubs to obtain Active Kids Voucher's details prior to their registration with EBL. Once you have the voucher from Service NSW, please email us the voucher along with your child's date of birth. Upon successful redemption of the voucher, we will add a $50 credit in your iClassPro account. This credit will be applied to your next payment. For more information about the Active Kids Program visit
  • How do I get my Active Kids $50 credit when registering with monthly billing?
    Please email your active kids couher to Once your Active Kids voucher has been redeemed by EBL, your account will be credited with a $50. The credit will go towards future monthly payments. It will not take the $50 off your first payment.
  • Do you offer trials?
    Most of the time we are able to offer a trial session. The only instance where we cannot offer trials is if the session is full. Please email us to book a trial.
  • We had a trial and my kid loved it. What do I do now?
    We will follow up with you after the trial, but if you are sure that your child wants to join just feel free to register him for the program/comp that he/she would like to join. Learn to Play: Academy: Competitions: School Sessions:
  • What is the youngest age for a player to join a competition?
    The youngest players we have had in a competition are about 7 year olds joining 8s comps.
  • Can I join two teams in a single season?
    Yes, we have some members that play in two teams in the same season. You cannot however play for two or more teams in the same competition.
  • Are players insured if they get injured during a game?
    All players that are part of our league are covered by limited insurance. For more information about insurance coverage and claims visit
  • What is the procedure to make claim through the league's insurance?
    If your child has been injured during a game, please download the claim form here: Fill in all details except for the Club Secretary/Treasurer section and email the form to with the subject line INJURY CLAIM. EBL staff will complete the missing portion and send you the form back with instructions on how to forward your claim to the insurer.
  • My child wants to play with his best buddy. How can we make sure that they play in the same team?
    When you fill out the registration form, please enter your child's friend details (name and team name or session location time) in the Notes / additional information field. With this information we will do our best to place both kids in the same team/session although it is not guaranteed if the team is already at capacity. If one child is already playing and a friend wants to join the same team we will always do our best to get them into the same team/session. In the event its full and cant accomodate any extras, we can discuss alternate sessions/team options.
  • How do you ensure that bullying is not happening in your games/trainings?
    At EBL we have Zero Tolerance policy for any type of bullying or violence. EBL staff at the courts are instructed to address this kind of issues immediately and escalate them if need be.
  • Can I join a team after the season has started?
    If the team is not full, you can join the team after the season has started. We allow this for the first couple of weeks of a season.
  • I want to play with the same team that I had last season. How can I ensure that I will be placed in the same team?
    It is our standard practice to offer the first priority to players that were in a team the previous season. You will be automatically offered your spots unless you request a change of team.
  • Where can I find instructions to get to the court where I need to train/play?
    You can find instructions on how to access the courts at the different venues by visiting
  • What sanitation procedures do you have in place to protect players from viruses?
    We adhere to NSW Health guidelines. Please visit our Covid Plan page for more datails about our Covid-safe practices
  • My kid has a cold, can he/she still train/play?"
    We ask now more than ever that parents exercise caution and care when making decisions about sending kids to training or games when they are not feeling well. If your child has a temperature or any other cold/flu like symptoms we ask that you keep him/her home and wait between 48 hours after the last temperature before sending them back to basketball.
  • Is the EBL staff required to have a working with children check?
    Yes, all of our coaches, referees and supervisors are required to have Working with Children certificate.
  • I want to install a basketball hoop at home. Do you sell basketball equipment?
    Currently we do not sell basketball equipment through our website.
  • I want a specific singlet number, can I order it?"
    If you are purchasing a singlet and would like a specific number, let us know and if the number is available we will be happy to accommodate your request. However, we cannot guarantee that the numbers will be available at all times.
  • Can you make singlets for our external team?
    Our clubs (Bondi Lions, Bronte Bull and City Hoops) have their singlets already branded with their club names, so there is no need to order a special singlet for those teams. If you have a team and would like us to create a unique design for it, we will glad to do so. Email us at and we can provide you with a quote and time estimates to get the singlets done.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Unfortunately we do not offer payment plans. All memberships and fees are collected at the beginning of the season.
  • Do you offer training over the Christmas Holidays?
    Our League is closed during the Christmas break. However we do offer School Holiday Camps in January every year. Check the website for sessions -
  • How do you communicate with parents/carers during the season?
    We ask that parents and carers provide us with up to date email and mobile information as we communicate via email or SMS throughout the season. Most of these details are collected at the time of registration. If there are any changes to your contact information, please notify us as soon as possible via email and we will update your child's record.
  • I am not happy with the referee or coach, what can I do about that?"
    In the first instance speak to the Court Supervisor. If they are not able to assist to your satisfaction, you can escalate the issue to Head Office. Please call us 02 8283 5161 during business hours Monday thru Friday and we can address any issues that you may have.
  • There was an incident with another parent at my kids game. What should I do?
    If there is an incident at the game, please bring the issue up with our Court Supervisor at the court. If you are still concerned, please call Head Office and we will try to sort the issue in the best possible way. Remember that at EBL we have a Zero Tolereance policy for violent, rude or aggreassive behaviour during our games, trainings and events.
  • I lost a personal item at the game, what do I do?"
    If you lost a personal item at the game, contact Head Office and we will contact our staff at the courts to see if they have your lost item. We also suggest you contact the venue and ask if anything was handed in/found.
  • How do I know the time and location of my kid's game next weekend?
    Our website has a link to fixtures that is updated every week. There you will find all the details regarding games, locations and times - In addition we recommend that all of our members download the GameDay App for easy access to fixture information from your mobile phone. You can download GameDay from Google Play or the App Store. Please be aware that cancellations or venue changes get notified via SMS or email as soon as we are aware of the change.
  • I want to know if you have a session at my kid's school
    Visit the following page a listing of all schools that have EBL school sessions. If your school is interested in running sessions then please contact us at
  • When can I register for a school session
    Our school session seasons run in parallel with the school term. The best time to register is during the school holiday weeks prior to the start of the term. Keep in mind that many of our school sessions are very popular and we have limited spots, so try to register early to secure your spot.
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