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T'S & C'S

Signing up to play with Easts Basketball League you consent with the following. To register to Movement Group Pty Limited trading as Easts Basketball League (EBL) or its affiliated clubs for its competitions and events. I understand that the player registering is bound by the rules and Code of Conduct of EBL (a copy of which is available on request).

I acknowledge and accept that basketball is a contact sport, is dangerous and involves the risk of serious injury.

I understand that the player participates solely at his or her sole risk and responsibility. I release, indemnify and hold harmless EBL, its affiliated clubs, its appointed coaches, officials, staff and/or volunteers from and against all and any actions or claims which may be made by the player, on the player’s behalf or by other parties for or in respect of or arising out of any injury, loss, damage or death caused to the player or his or her property.

I acknowledge and understand that EBL carries only minimal players’ insurance (a copy of which is available on request). It is my responsibility to arrange adequate insurance cover. There may be no or inadequate treatment or transport available to the player if injured. I permit EBL to arrange for any medical attention (including ambulance transport) that may be deemed necessary for the player and agree to pay for all and any medical expenses so incurred.

Games & Training times or venues are subject to change. It is up to you to monitor our website and socials for any changes.

I understand that registration cannot be accepted without payment of fees and is subject to team availability. EBL reserves the right to accept or decline any registration at any time during the competition year

EBL reserves the right to have an uneven amount of teams in the competition. This results in a BYE being played and there is no difference to the fees you pay

I understand that EBL requires seven players as a minimum in each team & if the team my Child is apart of falls short, the outstanding amount I will be liable as deemed by EBL.

Refunds & Credits
Once registered for our competitions we do not offer a refund. If you as a single player or your team is ejected from the competition or program, you will not be offered a refund for any remaining games.

I understand that once registration fees have been paid, any later refund requested will be subject to an administration fee of $50 and game fees for games already played will be deducted from any refund amount EBL reserves the right in its absolute discretion to decline a request for refund after the first four (4) weeks from commencement of the season.

For School Holiday Camps or Clinics, a refund will not be offered without a Doctors Certificate. You may however be offered a credit to use towards future camps.  

Photography  and Videography Policy
I acknowledge that EBL takes photographs/videos of various activities for marketing purposes (including social media) and consent to the player’s name and/or photo being published by EBL from time to time.

Should any person take objection to the photographing or videoing of players, they should communicate their concerns to an EBL representative including the reason for the objection. Decisions affecting this policy are taken on a case-by- case basis.

Code of conduct
I understand that all players, spectators, Coaches or anyone who enters one of our venues are bound by the rules and Code of Conduct of EBL (a copy of which is available on request) and failure to meet this code can result in dismissal from EBL.

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