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Season 3 2020 Finals Update Regarding Spectators

As you may be aware, the restrictions on community sport have been eased from this weekend - (MORE INFO HERE)

However, EBL will be maintaining the restriction on parents inside the gyms for this weekend of Finals from Friday 25th September to Sunday 27th September.

We will do the trophy presentations outside the gyms so parents can take a photo. While this is happening we still ask that parents observe the 1.5m Social Distancing space.

We appreciate that it is finals but the safety of players and staff are still of great importance. As our venues are indoors the logistics are different to outdoor activities and our venue operators have also made this a mandatory requirement.

EBL will be amending our rules for Parent entry in Season 4 in line with the new guidelines. This will be done on a venue by venue basis

We thank you all for your cooperation in keeping our sport running.

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