Coach Jamie has extensive international coaching and playing experience and has come to be regarded as one of the best basketball coaches in Sydney. 

A national scholarship athlete with UK Sport, he played several seasons in the English first division as point guard with the Manchester Magic. Jamie also played professionally for Poza Rica, Mexico and played in several summer leagues in the USA.


Jamie spent six seasons coaching teams in Ireland, Australia and the USA. He has worked closely with Networks coaching program in North Carolina, where he developed many of his coaching strategies and beliefs.


Jamie now works as the Director of Coaching at East’s Basketball League, a role he has been in since September 2014. During this time he has developed many of the EBL's current coaching programs. 


Coach Cabral is one of our most passionate and hard working coaches. Cabral played at the College level in Canada and has over 15 years of coaching experience.


On the EBL courts, he is often working as hard as his players during training. He gives everything he has each session


Cabral’s teams have had successful competitions in the under 14s all the way to the under 8s. Cabral has a wealth of coaching knowledge and he takes pride in ensuring all of his players’ development.


There aren’t many coaches who can lead our “Learn to Play “program one hour and then help our under 16s boys understand the details of our motion offence the next, but Cabral loves all aspects o coaching. He is a maestro in the post, helping our junior players learn positioning and footwork from the block.


Coach Martin has been a part of the EBL team for six years, since he first arrived in Australia. He demonstrates his coaching abilities by quickly adapting to different skill levels, ranging from beginners to advanced adult sessions.


From age four Martin played basketball in his native country, Argentina. His passion for the game culminated in him being selected for Argentina’s U19 team, where he was trained by renowned international coaches.


Martin also has played professionally in the first division of Argentina, and in the National league as part of the Buenos Aires city team.


One of Martin’s best skills is his ability to read players, which allows him to connect and motivate young ballers. He makes players train hard but also keeps the sessions fun and motivational.



Coach Rajit has been coaching basketball for 3 years with Easts basketball league, with experience in coaching school teams during high school.


Rajit has played division 1 basketball throughout high school, winning basketball player of the year award for his last 3 years of high school. Rajit competed in CDSSA and AICES basketball interstate competitions and representative basketball.


He loves coaching the game and has a passion for developing the kids within the Easts basketball league program. His love for the game is something that he brings into his coaching to hopefully encourage kids to fall in love with the game as well. 


Coach Daniel has come through the EBL coaching system and is one of our most popular coaches.


Our coach of the month in February 2020, he has a passion for coaching and helping children learn. He is a positive role model for his team, making an impact on his players’ development on and off the court.


Daniel reached the NSW State finals as a high school player and continues to develop his own game in our EBL adults competitions.


He considers his best coaching moment as helping the under 18s Bondi Lions Jazz to their league championship last year.


His most repeated phrase on the court "You don’t need to know all the answers, just work hard, ask questions and enjoy the learning experience."



Coach Amir started playing basketball with Easts basketball league and has officially played for 4 years while coaching at Easts basketball league for 2 years.

Amir is currently an U23’s waratah youth league player at the age of 19 and is currently aspiring to pursue professional basketball in Australia, with the goal of becoming a  professional player progressing towards a professional coach later in his career.

Amir has developed his coaching strategy coupled with his passion for improving kids within Easts basketball league coaching program following under Coach Jamie’s supervision and teachings as well as guidance from professional players and college coaches all over Sydney.

Amir is a junior coach in East’s basketball league but has quickly helped students with advanced basketball skills training and runs both Advanced and Essential sessions since 2019.

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