Level B consists of a gradual return to basketball, this is subject to both the size of permitted gatherings and venue types. For basketball this means:

Association and Community Activities

  • Gatherings of up to 10 people are permitted (outdoor only)

  • Outdoor basketball activities can resume, complying with physical distancing measures.



  • Our events will recommence when gatherings of between 50-100 are allowed, depending on the nature of the activity and size of the stadium.

  • The EBL team expects to release an event calendar to you very soon. We will publish it here as soon as it is completed.

Activities NOT permitted

  • Indoor sporting events

  • Local sporting competitions involving more than 10 people

  • sanitising basketballs and changing them between games. Basketballs will be provided by the venue and will be sanitised prior to use each day & in between each game.  This will be done with single use anti-bacterial wipes.

  • the use of hand sanitisers courtside when a player enters and exits the court at breaks, timeouts and substitutions.

  • social distancing requirements in the venue

  • controlling the number of people in stadiums including ensuring that participants and officials cannot enter the court area earlier than the designated time prior to their game or before the participants and officials of the previous game have departed.

  • Instructions and signage to inform participants of the Health Risks of COVID-19 and rules of entry into the stadium. Hand sanitiser will be available at the entry of all stadiums.

  • Teams may be limited to the number of balls they are permitted to bring into the stadium at any one time. Any basketball brought into a stadium should be sanitised prior to use (preferably upon entry).

  • Referees will use hand sanitiser at every break in the game (time-outs, half time, substitutions) & blow whistle facing away from players

  • It is the responsibility of team coaches and referees to ensure unnecessary contact (e.g. hand shakes, high fives) does not occur.

  • EBL staff will sanitise scoring laptops or tablets, score benches, bench seating if fixed, scoreboard controllers and any other essential equipment that may have been used by playing groups to reduce the risk of transmission from one group to another.

  • Where parents are not able to observe, the association must ensure that a responsible adult is present at the game/session and there should always be at least two coaches present.

  • participants showering and changing at their home prior to competition

  • Participants should bring a personal towel and drink bottle to their games and not share these with others.

  • Players will be required to shower with soap and change (at home) prior to a game and again immediately following the game at their home. This mitigation will be supported with significant hand hygiene strategies during a competition.

  • Allowing a small number of parents to observe, which may be rotated amongst team members

  • Having parents observe from a safe place that is not at the courts (e.g. an upper viewing deck), provided that it is of sufficient size to provide social distancing of parents watching;




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