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Parents have two options to pay for the basketball fees. You make your selection at the time of registration.  

You pay up front for the season. 

To pay for the entire season in a single payment at the beginning of the season.  BYEs are included in our league and factored already into the pricing. 


Spread the seasonal fee into monthly instalments. Outlined below is how our monthly billing works:

1. Your First Charge
Your first charge will be for the first month worth of classes/training. This is calculated on a weekly basis depending on how many weeks are in that month. The following month you will be charged for how many sessions are in that month until the season ends.  The billing system will calculate the correct number of weeks from your registration date so you only pay for the weeks you attend.


2. Blackout periods - No charge
We break for Public and School Holidays. The system does not charge you for these periods.


3. No need to sign up each season
Our sessions run all year round in 8 to 10 week commitments
(School Terms). You will be automatically enrolled into the next term to ensure you don't lose your spot. You will be sent a reminder when a new term is rolling over. It will give you the option to opt out (Drop Enrolment) at the end of the season (see item 4). 

4. Not Returning?
After your 8 to 10 week commitment you can opt out of the new season. With one click you will be able to notify us that you are not returning. Once the current term is ending you will get an email and you can go into the portal and opt out. You can manage all your bookings, enrolments and so on via the portal.


5. Active Kids Vouchers

You will need to email us a copy of your active kids voucher.
Your account will be credited with $50 once your Active Kids voucher has been redeemed. The credit will go towards future monthly payments. It will not take the $50 off your first payment. Any future Active kids vouchers, the process is the same.

If at any point in time you would like to change the frequency of your payment schedule, please contact the office at

6. Bye Rounds

We have factored in a BYE round for each league and the pricing reflects that. In the instance that your team has multiple BYEs in the season we will look to credit you for that game.

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